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From Editor-in-Chief Desk

I am extremely joyed to present Vol. XXXXII October 2015 of Carpet-e-World International to my readers who are mainly Overseas Handmade Carpet Buyers of almost all Countries of the world,swiss replica watches Handmade Carpet and Dhurrie Manufacturers and Exporters of Bhadohi-Mirzapur Carpet-belt, Jaipur, Kashmir, Agra, Panipat, Union Minister of Commerce, the Union Finance Minister, Union Minister of State for Textiles, the Union Minister of Labour, their Secretaries, Addl. Secretaries and Joint Secretaries, Governor, Reserve Bank of India also Chairmen of State Bank, Union Bank, Punjab National Bank, Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, UCO Bank etc. during our personal meetings at India Carpet Expos and thereafter. We give or send them complimentary copies of each Edition of Carpet-e-World International for their perusal, reference and taking remedial measures for solving the genuine problems of Handmade Carpet Industry of India coming in the way for furtherance of their export to almost all Handmade Carpet Buying Countries of the world.

As I have mentioned in previous Editorial Notes that world renowned Journal Carpet-e-World International was started by me in 1978-79 on keen desire, direction and Chairmanship of my most respected Guruji Mahamanav Bharatratna late Sri Gulzari Lal Nanda, twice Prime Minister of India of whom I had been Hony. Principal Secretary for quite a long time. Foresightedly he thought that if a vision document in the shape of an Annual Journal on Handmade Carpets, main production centers of which are Bhadohi-Mirzapur Carpet-belt, Kashmir, Jaipur, Agra etc. will be published duly edited by his true disciple, a generous and dedicated national, Sri Gopi Nath Agrawal resident of Varanasi will not only be very much useful for the Weavers/Artisans rather its continuity would prove to be a boon specially for the agriculturalists, poor villagers and inhabitants of rural areas viz., Bhadohi-Mirzapur-Varanasi Carpet zone. Annual exports of Handmade Carpets, Dhurries, Rugs etc. which used to be around Rupees One Thousand Crores those days, have to-day gone up to more than Rupees Nine Thousand Crores per annum. Hopefully within next 10 years by 2025 it might cross annual export figure above Rupees Twenty Five Thousand Crores, if not more provided Sri Narendra Modi's Team completes its second term successfully. Definitely what is needed will be wholehearted support of Sri Narendra Modi's Team.

Gladly I repeat that Carpet-e-World International has succeeded in completing its 37 years of services to this unique cottage base Handmade Carpet Industry and the industrymen. Its continuity for such a long period inspite many odds and severe financial crises has been only due to the guidance and wholehearted support of CEPC, IICT, Carpet Industry's few experienced and devoted Exporters viz., Sarvasri Raj Kumar Singh, late Pt. Gulab Dhar Mishra, Mohd. Mustafa Khan, Padmashree late H.K. Wattal (Agra), Pt. Shree Dhar Mishra, V.R. Sharma, Bhola Nath Baranwal, Surendra Baranwal, O.P. Garg (Delhi), late Subhash Mittal (Delhi), Kuldeep Raj Wattal (Kashmir), Ashok Jain (Kashmir), Siddh Nath Singh, M.D. Mirza (Kashmir), Nasruddeen Ansari, Gulam Nabi Bhat (Kashmir), Umesh Gupta, late Ashfaq Waziri, Jalil Ansari, Vijay Thakur (Delhi), Praveen Bansal (Agra), Vimal Choudhary (Jaipur), Inder Kataria (Jaipur), Shobh Nath Gupta etc. and many Overseas Buyers by way of contributing their very informative Write-ups, Interviews, Publicity Materials, Promotional ADs. etc. for which they definitely need sincere thanks.

I will be lacking in performing my duties if I will not mention the main points of Handmade Carpet Industry which are creating lot of problems in the furtherance of its export to the world market. They are detailed hereunder in brief for personal attention of Sri Narendra Modi, our generous and capable Prime Minister of India:

1) Acute shortage of Weavers & Other Artisans: Due to MNREGA Project of the Govt., most of the carpet weavers have shifted from Handmade Carpet Industry to MNREGA because there they are getting higher wages with lesser work. This has created a big vaccum in the production of Handmade Carpets. It is a fact that every day increasing cost of consumable goods are making the poor weavers/artisans uninterested in this profession. Besides, their young generation is not at all interested in joining Handmade Carpet Industry as they feel that their future is not bright in this profession.

It is therefore, very important that many more Weavers Training Centres (in thousands) should be opened at various carpet producing zones of India viz., Bhadohi-Mirzapur-Varanasi belt, Jaipur, Panipat, Agra, Kashmir etc. so that the severe problem of shortage of weavers could somehow be tackled to some extent.

2) Very Bad Road Condition: The road condition of Bhadohi-Mirzapur-Varanasi carpet belt is very bad. Consequently, due to danger of their life, most of the Buyers don't want to come to this area. Hence too, there is a decline in their export turnover.

3)         Unfavourable Labour Laws & Factory Act: Both these Laws are not suitable to the Handmade Carpet Industry because it is a cottage base industry is in an unorganized sector. Hence I have to make a few suggestions as under:

a) These Laws should be restructured in such a way that their Producers and Exporters could install looms at their own premises where weavers & other artisans could come and work in a systematic manner.

b) The newly enacted Labour Laws & Factory Acts would not help only in increasing their production but will help in maintaining the quality of production and the timely delivery of export orders on account Company Directors direct supervision.

4) Credit Facility to the Overseas Buyers: Many Buyers desire credit facilities from the Indian Suppliers which are being made them available wind up toy by our competitors viz., China, Iran, Pakistan, etc. If this facility is made them available, the export of Indian Handmade Carpets is expected to increase reasonably.

5) Reduction in Bank Interest Rate on Export Finance: Interest rate on Export Finance should be brought down to match the prices of Indian Handmade Carpets with our competitors.

6) Enhancement of Raw Material Prices: The prices of raw- materials of Handmade Carpets have increased tremendously and are still enhancing. Consequently the costing of Handmade Carpets have increased. On the contrary, the Overseas Buyers are not prepared to pay the desired increased prices.

7) Recession in Buying Countries: As is known to the Central Govt. too that due to ongoing economic recession in the world market and the devaluation of Currencies of various countries, the end consumers of USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea and most of the European Countries are reluctant to buy qualitative high priced Handmade Carpets. Besides, young generation thereat is interested in buying Modern design Carpets at cheaper prices which is another severe drawback for the decline of export of Indian High Quality Handmade Carpets.

8) Need of More Indian Handmade Carpet Exhibitions & Shows Abroad: Although CEPC under the aegis of Development Commissioner (H), Government of India is managing to organize Exhibitions and Shows in a few countries abroad which is helping the Carpet Industry to some extent but their numbers being very small, they are insufficient. Hence many more Carpet Exhibitions and Shows should be organized in the USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Belgium, South Africa, Japan, Korea, etc. which would make ways for upliftment of exports of Indian Handmade Carpets.

9) Controlling of Prices of Handmade Carpets: With a view not to allow further increase in the prices of Handmade Carpets, it is of utmost importance that the expertise services of Indian Institute of Carpet Technology, Bhadohi may be utilized as they are capable of researching new-new techniques. Thereby the production of Handmade Carpets would increase while prices of Handmade Carpets would not hike furthermore due to introduction and use of new raw-materials of comparatively cheaper cost.

10) Machine-made Carpets are Giving Tough Competition: Eventually many people have started the manufacture of Machine-made Carpets in India which are not only cheaper in cost but lookwise attractive too. Although compared to Handmade Carpets, their life is very short. Further there is a rumour in the Carpet belt that a few Machine-made Carpet Manufacturers are copying the Modern designs of Handmade Carpets and selling them at far lesser prices. There is also a rumour that a few Machine-made Manufacturers are exporting part of their production in the name of Handmade Carpets and thus misusing the benefits of taking higher drawback and paying lesser bank interest rate which is applicable for Handmade Carpet Exporters only. Consequently the export of Handmade Carpets of India is largely effected.

I am extremely thankful to my readers specially the Union Minister of State for Textile, Sri Santosh Kumar Gangwar, Textile Secretary, Dr. S.K. Panda, Development Commissioner (H), Sri S.K. Biswas, etc. who very sincerely said that they would be doing their best to solve the burning problems of this unique Handmade Carpet Industry of India. I am extremely thankful to the Hony. Members of Board of Advisors and the Editors Board for their valued wholehearted support and true guidance given to me from time to time. I am thankful to my Associate Editors, Marketing Executives, Special Correspondents for their devoted services rendered to the Handmade Carpet Industry through Carpet-e-World International Journal. Once again thanking you to all specially those who are always readily available in supporting the cause of the this unique Cottage Type Handmade Carpet Industry.

Wishing you all good health and a bright future specially to our sincere commentators.

Jai Hind & good bye.