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Historical Background— :

I feel extremely excited and overjoyed to bring to the knowledge of all readers of ’Carpet-e-World’, an unique International Journal on Handmade Carpets & Dhurries from India that on 22nd August 1978 my most respected Guruji Bharat Ratna Late Sri Gulzarilal Nanda, twice Ex-Acting Prime Minister of India, replica watches a true Nationalist and renowned Gandhian Leader, at his residence at 5, Tuglak Road, New Delhi, knowing me very well and seeing my sincerity and dedication towards the Society, due to my wholeheartedly working for his National Organisations viz., ‘Manav Darma Mission’, ‘Manav Dharma Parishad’ & ‘Peoples Forum of India’, handling them as his Special Secretary, foresightedly directed me to divert myself from my the then ongoing Industrial Business Activities to Social Service to the nation and the people by way of fully devoting for the cause under his  able guidance and direction for a cottage type rural industry, the Handmade Carpet and Dhurrie Industry of India as the same those days was prevalent in and around Bhadohi Distt. Varanasi in U.P. Simultaneously my most respected Guruji emphatically told me that I should start working on this “service oriented” project promptly by way of publishing some very informative and purposeful Journal on this unique cottage industry. Through his foreword dt.7/8/1979 he said “This publication is designed to safeguard and promote the interests of the Handmade Carpet industry which is an important element in the economy of India. Expansion of employment opportunities and provision of means of livelihood for the growing citizens in the country is the foremost priority in the plans for the economic development of India. Being one of the most labour intensive Industries, Carpet making serves this end admirably. The economic stability of the country is linked very much with India’s position regarding the balance of payments in International Trade. The Carpet Industry being a very substantial source of Foreign Exchange earnings has a vital role in this respect. They have risen both in volume and value during the last few years. India has a pre-eminent position in this field. The State must see to it that the export of Handmade Carpets does not suffer owing to unfair competition.”

“For realizing the dynamic possibilities which reside in this Industry, it is natural to expect that all the partners in this great best replica watches enterprise—the entrepreneurs, the workers, the financial institutions, the trading community and the Government—will do all that is possible to sustain and encourage it for the sake of material gains and the good of the country. It has a large stake in this Industry. It is imperative that no one. At any stage, is allowed to do anything which will affect adversely its reputation in the Foreign markets, in respect of quality and fair trade practices.”

“The need for effective quality control is obvious. We must prevent unscrupulous dealers from exploiting any opportunity to make quick profits by degrading the quality of the goods. It would be best for the Handmade Carpet Industry itself to organize such control through its most trusted representatives.”

“There are, in my view, two essentials which must receive fostering care at the hands of the State as well as the Industry. They are: an adequate supply of raw-material and the preservation and development of Artistic skills of the Craftsmen. Inherited tradition of the communities engaged in the Industry is a big asset. This must, howwver, be further enriched by the help which science and technology can furnish.”

“The Handmade Carpet Industry has a high cultural content which invests it with a special appeal and significance in the eyes of the lovers of art, here in India and in many countries where its Carpets are being prized and used. Each Handmade Carpet of good quality from India bears the message of Art, Beauty and Excellence wherever it goes. We should create a congenial environment for those whose innate talents find expression in the exquisite workmanship of the products of the Industry.”

“This publications is an endeavour to serve and help all those who have interest in the production,watch in discount sale or use of Indian Handmade Carpets. It gives me pleasure to congratulate its Chief Editor, Dr. G. Nath Agrawal and his Associates on this achievement.”

New Delhi
                                                                                                                              (Gulzari Lal Nanda)

Being his true disciple and a blind follower, I consented him to fulfill his keen desire and wishes by wholeheartedly devoting my whole life for the very cause. Incidentally I may mention here that I was quite young that time and my age was 37 years only.

Thereafter I made a thorough survey of Bhadohi-Mirzapur zone, Jaipur, Agra, Amritsar, Panipat & Kashmir by visiting the looms, the loom owners and the weavers of the villages and interior parts of these areas for the purpose where I met and interviewed good number of Handmade Carpet & Dhurry Exporters of India also their Overseas Customers in the European Countries, U.S.A, Canada etc. and successfully published them in my Ist Volume of “Carpet-e-World” International 1978-79, foreword of which as cited above, was written by my most respected Guru Padmasri Late Sri Gulzarilal Nanda. Moreover, on my special request, Hon'ble Nandaji pleasantly agreed and came all the way to Bhadohi and released the said Ist edition of “Carpet-e-World” in All India Carpet Manufacturers Association (AICMA) Hall, Bhadohi in a grand function consisting of most of the reputed and experienced Handmade Carpet & Dhurrie Exporters of Bhadohi, Khamaria, Ghosia, Aurai, Gopiganj, Varanasi and Mirzapur Carpet Zone, as Chief Guest duly presided over Cartier Replica Watches by respected late Sri Gulab Dhar Mishra, the then President, AICMA in presence of hundreds of Carpet Exporters and the VIPs. Since then, facing financial setbacks many times, its XXXVIII (38th) Volumes have so far been published and XXXIX (39th) Volume is in the process of publication. And if That Almighty so wishes and blesses me, before my heavenly journey, I would do my best to ensure that this unique Handmade Carpet Journal completes its 50 years of journey duly celebrating its Golden Jubilee Function amongst almost all deserving and renowned Handmade Carpet and Dhurrie Exporters and the weavers of the Country.

It is worth mentioning here that soon after publication of IInd Vol. of “Carpet-e-World”, on the advice of my exporter friends, I decided, planned and proceeded to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, USA & Canada to attend world knowned Heimtextil Messe (Carpet) Fair, Floor Covering and the Textiles (Fair), those days at Frankfurt, Germany duly carrying alongwith me few hundred copies of my latest aforesaid Journal. Thanks to That Almighty, I was given a warm welcome, as a Journalist from India by the Organisers of the Messe (Fair), the Carpet Journalists also plentiful of Carpet/Floor Covering Importers of almost all the European Countries and the USA, displaying their products thereat and many times thereafter to the Handmade Carpet Importing Countries of the world. After meeting and getting complimentary copies of the Journal from me, in the Fair and thereafter too, good number of well-known Handmade Carpet Importers agreed and gladly extended their views through their interviews about the then ongoing Handmade Carpet business in the respective countries, their future planning for buying of Handmade Carpets from India and their expectation from the Indian producers.

Last but not the least, few Handmade Carpet Importers of the world who helped in taking out this unique journal from the start of the publication are Mr. H. Hodges, Mr. Alex Peykar, Mr. Nasser Rahmanan, Mr. Jack Harounion, Mr. Mansour Rahmanan, Mr. Miza Kalaty, Mr. Don Gertmenian, Mr. Morad G. Moradi, Mr. Michael Aziz, Mr. Teddy Sumner, Mr. John Feizy, Mr. Etessami, Mr. Salim Morad, Mr. Lee Harounian, Mr. George Bashian Jr., Mr. Rao Yarlagadda, Mr. Leshi Atiyeh, Mr. Khosrow Banilevi, Mr. Mikel Banilevi, Mr. Mausa Benilivy, Mr. L.N. Tadross (all of USA), Mr. A.R. Dilmanian, Mr. Jurgen Wissenbach, Mr. M. Bolour, Mr. R. Leiss, Dr. Enaity, Mr. Denis Turker, Mr. Dilip Mewawala, Mr. Ulrich Assman, Mr. Ahmed Gurden, Mr. Wilfred Tops (all of Germany), Mr. W. Meier & Mr. Amin Amini (both of Switzerland), Mr. Edward Cadry, Mr. Joe Azzopardi & Mr. Ian Swart (all of Australia), Mr. Peter Aucland, Mr. Michael Kelaty & Mr. A. Latif (all of UK), A.J.J.M. Janssens, Holland etc. etc.

The Indian Handmade Carpet Exporters who always wholehearted supported this exclusive Handmade Carpet Journal are Sarvasri Pt. Gulab Dhar Mishra, Edward R. Oaklay, Raj Kumar Singh, V.R. Sharma, Padmashri H.K. Wattal, Shree Dhar Mishra, Mohd. Mustafa Khan, O.P. Garg, Bhola Nath Baranwal, Siya Ram Yadav, Kuldeep R. Wattal, Ashok Jain, Surendra Baranwal, M.D. Mirza, Siddh Nath Singh, Umesh Gupta, Jalil Ansari, Barkat Ali Ansari, Dr. K.K. Goswami, Dr. S.K. Chaudhary, Gulam Nabi Bhat, Kailash Baranwal, Praveen Bansal, Lalit Jain, K.K. Poddar, Inder Kataria, Ashfaq Waziri, Sandeep Kataria, Rajanesh Gupta, Rajesh Agrawal, Vishnu Baranwal, Bharat Maurya, Shobh Nath Gupta, Late Ashfaq Waziri, Late Badrudeen Ansari, C.S. Kalyansundaram (the then G.M., State Bank of India, HO), O.P. Mathuria (the then Chairman, The Benaras State Bank), B.D. Dixit (CMD, UBI), Budheswar Rai (the then CRM, State Bank & later Chairman, Allahabad Bank), Romesh Lal (the then ZM, Punjab National Bank), Bnjendra Sahay, IAS (the then Commissioner, Varanasi Division), R. Nigam (the then RM, UBI), B.K. Mishra (the then Sr. BM, Alld. Bank), S.C. Ojha (the then Sr. BM, Alld. Bank), J.S. Dubey (Forex Mgr., State Bank) etc. This Journal’s Board of Advisors, Editorial Board and its Editor-in-Chief express their gratification to all of them also other dignitaries who had helped in the start or helping and supporting this unique Journal, directly or indirectly in making its various Volumes more and more purposeful and useful to the Handmade Carpetmen of India & abroad.

Once again wishing you All The Best.

October 18, 2013 

                                                          (Dr. Gopi Nath Agrawal)
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